Why visit California?
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People have flocked to California ever since the gold rush 1848-1855, with high expectations. And people still eagerly
go to California with hopes of breaking through as actors, artists and you name it. But the large state is also the
promised land for tourists, because no place on earth can match California in terms of diversity and beauty. Diversity
because the state has huge, ethnically and culturally diverse, cities as San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles, where
the latter alone has the size of Belgium. California is also the most creative place in the world, which not least is
reflected in information technology, although having the best universities in the world, together with the American
northeast, certainly also helps.

California is also blessed with a wonderful and extremely diverse nature, which is particularly attractive for tourists:
The highest mountain in the lower 48 states (Mount Whitney), and at the same time the lowest elevation in America and
the second hottest place on earth (Death Valley). And the largest, tallest and oldest trees in the world (Sequoia, Redwood
and Bristlecone Pine). And one of the highest waterfalls in the world (Yosemite Falls), and one what many consider the best
view on the whole American continent (Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park). And what many claim to the most beautiful
road in the world (Highway 1 along the coast). And lots of wildlife. The list can go on and on pretty much forever. A
compelling evidence of the beauty of California is that every single picture on this website is taken by me during a cumulated
time of two months (even though I´ve been in California for almost two years). And I´m not even close of being a
photographer (although I enjoy taking pictures).

And there are no problems with practicalities when visiting California: Lodging is easy to find, whether its camping,
motels or exclusive lodges. And there is usually plenty of room everywhere, except for the most obvious tourist traps
or the major weekends. So you are not likely to regret a vacation in the Golden State. And you´ll definitively come
home with some excellent pictures as wonderful memories.


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